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Please find below a list links to the source code of simple Java programs and documentation produced by PING Computer Services.

All source code is distributed under the GNU General Public License
  1. Java Classes Defined - Short explanation of what Java classes are, with sources from several websites.
  2. - prints out a text file.
  3. - a simple investment compounding program; the user is prompted for the number of years to invest, the amount per month to invest and the initial amount invested. It starts with a Swing text box, so it takes a few seconds to get started. Program takes 20% for taxes. A text file with the results is written to the directory where the program is run from. To compile: javac To run: java compound9.
  4. - echoes back to the screen a line that is entered when the program is executed.
  5. - takes a file entered when the program is run and prints it out to the screen character by character. Example of reading a file in character by character. To run: java Rwtest testfile.txt. File that gets read in is the 0th argument in the args[] array.
  6. - small program that uses Java regular expressions.
  7. - small program that creates and calls a static method.
  8. - small program that sets up 2 classes, the second which is extends the first. Calls methods from both classes.
  9. - small program that tests a letter to see if it is a capital or not