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Tux the Penguin
Tux the Penguin - the Mascot for Linux
  1. Sound file loaded with web page
  2. Table demo - expanded border, merged tables into one, added images
  3. External Style Sheet demo
  4. 2 overlapping images
  5. Modified Drawing program from Deitel - changed colors and made lines wider
  6. Alert Dialog boxes
  7. Object-Oriented Javascript Demo
  8. Array and for loop Demo
  9. Array Demo 2 - allows the user to enter the size and elements of the array; uses simple function
  10. Array Demo 3 - allows the user to enter elements of the array; Javascript determines the size of the array.
  11. Reworked 3rd assignment - made images easier to see
  12. Demo of window prompts and if/else if/else loop - formula to calculate volts, amps and watts
  13. Formula Page using MathML
  14. Regular Expression Javascript Demo
  15. ATV-ISS Docking Graphic
  16. HTML form with PHP - PHP backend writes the data to a text file and informs the user that it has been written successfully.